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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a hot topic these days with many Internet marketers trying to optimize their websites so they can rank well with local search engines like Google and Yahoo! Local SEO refers to any online business that has a brick-and-mortar place where it serves a specific geographical region or local area around where it’s located. In addition, service-area industries (think locksmiths, plumbers, and similar specialists who travel to customers on a regular basis) are also eligible for local SEO, and may benefit just as much or even more from the advantages…it just depends upon which industry you’re speaking about. But if you’re thinking about starting an Internet marketing campaign in your local area, then local internet marketing is something you should definitely consider.

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The major benefit of local SEO is that it directly links with potential customers. By being listed in search engines like Google Places and Yahoo! Local, a business’s website is exposed to those who use those search engines to find what they need. These are the same search engine users who will likely be searching via local search engines like Google, too! Therefore, local SEO is a way for a local business to become “mobile” in a way, by making its website accessible to those in the surrounding area, wherever they might be searching for goods and services.

Another major benefit is that it helps improve a business’s search engine rankings. There’s no doubt that improving a company’s search engine rankings is crucial if a business wants to succeed in the modern economy. For example, with the popularity of social media and the increasing number of businesses that have their own blogs, internet marketing experts are beginning to suggest that customers are looking for businesses that are active on the internet, but also willing to engage with them. If they see that your blog is written by and for you and that you are actively involved in internet marketing activities, they are more likely to trust your product or service, since you seem engaged with your audience.

Local SEO can help boost traffic to a website in a number of ways. For instance, if someone searches for something like “bottle store,” then they might search for your location first in Google. This will indicate that your location is on the internet and therefore should rank well. However, if someone searches for “bottle store in New York,” then they may not be aware that you are only in the city and therefore your brand will miss the opportunity to increase your local search rankings by targeting it in the national search engines. Local SEO can prevent this from happening and help increase your organic results.

One reason why a company may wish to consider local SEO is because physical locations tend to perform better in the search engine results pages. The search engines, such as Google, tend to place more emphasis on physical locations than content based sites. Therefore, having a website that is only accessible to people within a certain area can help that website rank higher for those keywords. For instance, a business may want to target local SEO in order to get their business listed higher on Google’s business listings.

In addition to increasing local search rankings, local SEO also can lead to high-quality backlinks. This, in turn, can help increase a company’s online reputation and give customers a way to identify a website as a trusted source of information. A local business owner may find that their reputation online will increase and their businesses will gain credibility because of this effort.

Creating a business profile is an important part of local SEO. When you create your business profile, make sure that you include information that will help search engines understand who you are. You should also focus your website on one keyword phrase. Search engines will look at a business profile to determine what type of website is relevant to a user’s query. Your website should have basic information about your location, the products or services that your business offers, contact information, and a few key words that you would like to use as part of your website copy.

Once you have created your website, it is important that you monitor how well it is performing on the local results. A company or individual that does not update their website with the latest search results may find that they are not ranking as highly as they could be. Make sure that you incorporate any new strategies into your local SEO strategy. It is easy to fall behind other companies once you do not update your website with the most recent search results. Therefore, it is important that you work to keep your website’s page rank up to date with the local results.